Chris Evdemon

    Chris is a Partner at China's Sinovation Ventures, currently based in Silicon Valley after 10 years in Asia, in Singapore and in Beijing. He has 16 years of “hands on” entrepreneurial and angel investments experience, primarily in IT. From 2008 through late 2009 he was a Managing Partner at Eastern Bell Venture Capital. From 2005 to 2007, Chris served as the CEO of ICDL Asia Pacific Ltd., an organization in the computer skills certification sector with operations in over 25 Asian countries, which he helped turnaround and relocate to Singapore. Prior to coming to Asia, he co-founded and managed ECDL Hellas S.A. in his native Athens, Greece. Chris holds a M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College in London and an MBA from INSEAD.

  • Portfolio

    The following are some of the exciting Eudaimonia Capital portfolio companies:

    Senior citizen home nursing services. Beijing and Shanghai.
    [Exited by MBO in 2012.]

    3D virtual world platform technology. Beijing.
    [Acquired by NASDAQ: YY in 2012.]

    South-East Asia's leading online real estate portal. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Jakarta.

    [Exited by sale in 2015.]

    China-based software development outsourcing firm. Beijing.
    [Acquired by Symbio in 2012.]

    Leading DSP and behavioural targeting ad network in China. Beijing.

    [Exited by sale in 2015.]

    Online hotel concierge mobile solutions. Beijing.

    Leading MMORPG and social web games' distribution in Indonesia. Jakarta.

    Operates BaBe, Indonesia's leading news aggregator. Jakarta.
    [Acquired by Toutiao in 2018.]

    Group-buying platform benefiting school fundraising efforts. San Francisco.

    Tissue engineering to develop novel biomaterials that address some of the most pressing global challenges. New York.

    Social pinboard and knowledge management for companies. Singapore.
    [Acquired by Google in 2016.]

    Assessment and training platform solutions for the BPO industry in the Philippines. Manila.

    Gamified, casual, mobile social network. Beijing.

    Cloud-defined residential Wi-Fi platform, with seamless home devices' integration. Palo Alto and Oslo.

    Luxury fashion items second-hand online marketplace. Singapore.

    Leading FPS mobile game and platform developer. Beijing and Berlin.

    Guided digital personal training. San Francisco.

    Secure and track important files you share. Singapore.

    Pediatric care in the age of shared economy. San Francisco.

    Using AI and big data to create solutions for the future of investing. San Francisco / Beijing.

    Making growing your own food accessible to everyone. New York.

    Reinventing laundry with a breakthrough wastewater recycle system. Boston.

    Turning Slack chat into team knowledge. San Francisco.

    Platform for buying and selling digital currencies. San Francisco.

    Surplus electricity trading platform. Palo Alto.

    Online Pharmacy.

    Welding robotics.

    Personal coffee machine.
    San Francisco.

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  • News

    Here are the latest news from our portfolio companies:

    Cricket Health Announces $24 Million Series A

    [ September 2018 ] Cricket Health announced its $24 million Series A funding round to provide personalized, cost-effective kidney care. Cricket Health provides tech-enabled, cost-effective, integrated nephrology and dialysis care to chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients that aims to keep them healthy, at home, and out of the hospital. New investor Oak HC/FT led the round. Read more here ...

    Grow Labs raises $2.4M to build a smart planter

    [ October 2017 ] Boxee co-founder Idan Cohen’s most recent stint may have been in the smart TV space — but now he wants to build a box that’ll help you grow some lettuce outside your home. That might seem weird, but after many dinners spent feeding guests with vegetables grown from his roof, he and his team are now launching a smart planter called GROW. Initially starting as a hobby to grow vegetables he couldn’t find in the United States, Cohen’s rooftop garden has now morphed into a startup that’s raised $2.4 million in a financing round led by Resolute Venture. It starts at $249, with a pre-sale of $199 starting first. The company then hopes to have an accompanying recurring model where you get seeds and such over time, giving it a continuous business for everyone that ends up buying a planter. Read more here ...

    Google acquires Singapore-based workplace chat app Pie

    [ February 2016 ] Singapore-based work chat app Pie is Google’s first acquisition in Southeast Asia. Google has confirmed Pie’s acquisition with a post on its Asia Pacific blog. In the post, the company talks about the new engineering team now taking shape to “get closer to the next billion users coming online and to develop products that will work for them.” Pie’s engineers will be the start of this new Singapore-based team, which Google will look to beef up with new graduates and experienced engineers, from Singapore and abroad. Read more here ...

    Online property portal PropertyGuru bags $129M investment

    [ June 2015 ] Online property portal PropertyGuru announced today it has received a whopping S$175 million (US$129.3 million) investment from a “strategic consortium” of three investors. The group consists of Indonesian media company Emtek (which is already PropertyGuru’s partner in Indonesia), venture capital firm Square Peg Capital, and international private investment company TPG. Read more here ...

    VXI Global Solutions acquires Symbio
    (Ethos Technologies)

    [ January 2015 ] VXI Global Solutions (VXI), a global leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT Outsourcing (ITO) services announced today its acquisition of Symbio, a provider of Outsourced Product Development (OPD) services. Through the acquisition, VXI will gain innovative software product development, design, and quality assurance capabilities from Symbio. VXI is a Bain Capital portfolio company and after the acquisition will employ 17,000 experts across the United States, Europe, South America andAsia-Pacific. Read more here ...

    Schoola - a startup that cleans out closets and helps out schools

    [ October 2014 ] Stacey Boyd, founder of the San Francisco startup Schoola, sifted through the clothes, which had been collected at five city schools in May 2013, and then put them up for sale on her website, with nearly half the proceeds going back to the donor schools. Less than 18 months and four increasingly large warehouses later, Schoola has more than 100,000 items of clothing in stock, with thousands of pieces coming in and getting sold each day and 40 percent of sales going back to the donors’ schools. Read more here ...

    Digify helps you protect your data by sending self-destructing files

    [ July 2014 ] It's understandable if you're nervous about sharing files in this era of widespread surveillance. Can you really trust that a document is safe once it's out of your hands? Digify might just ease your mind now that it has launched Android and iOS apps for sharing self-destructing files. Rather than give people a direct download, the software only allows a peek at a given file for a set amount of time; once the Mission Impossible-style countdown hits zero, the content is gone for good. Read more here ...

    Modern Meadow Raises $10M to Grow Leather in Labs, Not from Livestock

    June 2014 ] Horizons Ventures, the Hong Kong-based firm of billionaire investor Li Ka-shing, led a $10 million Series A investment in Modern Meadow Inc., a startup that can grow meat and leather in the lab, Venture Capital Dispatch has learned. The company aims to help fashion designers and makers of leather goods meet the increasing global demand for their wares without taking such a toll on animals and the environment. Read more here ...

    Pie is building a global enterprise software firm in Singapore

    [ January 2014 ] Singapore is often described as a tiny red dot, a cosmopolitan oddity surrounded by much larger nations. With a tiny domestic market and a cultural affinity more tied to the United States than Indonesia or Thailand, the country can be a deathly fish bowl, trapping startups who struggle to expand beyond local shores. But Pie, an enterprise software startup that wants to change the way people share media content at work, thinks differently. Its founders, Pieter Walraven and Thijs Jacobs, believe they can build a global SaaS company from Singapore, despite being located far from Silicon Valley. Read more here ...

    China's Largest DSP, PinYou, Completes $20M Series B Led by CBC

    [ January 2013 ] iPinYou, the largest DSP (Demand-Side Platform) in China, today announced a US$20 million round of financing led by CBC (China Broadband Capital) to support the company's hyper-growth trajectory. Participants in the round include Vangoo Investment Partners, a Japan-based VC, and its A round investor Forward Capital. The proceeds will be used to upgrade the company's product, technology and executive and staff recruitment. Read more here ...

    What we can learn from PropertyGuru, an investor's thoughts

    [ June 2012 ] In the past four years, Singapore has been quietly-but-steadily brewing one of South-East Asia’s first, dominant, cash-generating online verticals, certainly one of the very first to successfully make the jump from a domestic Singapore to a truly regional play. PropertyGuru still has some way to go before it realizes its full potential and before the team cashes in on its hard work, but its progress should serve as a beacon to all aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore and the region. Read more here ...

    YY Inc. Acquires Chinese 3D Game Platform, ECitySky

    [ March 2012 ] The 4 year old online gaming company, ECitySky has been acquired by YY Inc. as announced Co-founder and CEO Clement Song. ECitySky is a 3D gaming company based in Beijing and its core product was Gamexiu.com, which claimed to be the world’s first 3D social entertainment platform that integrates social elements and real-time game play. Read more here ...

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