• Intelligent Machines

    Welding robotics.

    Supply chain robotic solutions.
    Boston and Shanghai.

    Machine learning to optimize factory production. New York.

    Sharing EV chargers.

    Palo Alto.

    Personal coffee machine.
    San Francisco.

    Raw materials for the food industry in Africa. Nigeria.

    Making growing your own food accessible to everyone. New York. [Closed.]

    Reinventing laundry with a wastewater recycling system. Boston. [Closed.]

  • Pediatric care in the age of shared economy. San Francisco.

    Tissue engineering to develop novel biomaterials that address some of the most pressing global challenges. New York.

    Online Pharmacy.

    Senior citizen home nursing services. Beijing and Shanghai.
    [Exited by MBO in 2012.]

  • Gamified, casual, mobile social network. Beijing.

    Online banking. Pakistan.

    Sustainable fashion. Seattle.

    Fund investing made easy, engaging and open to everyone. London.

    Leading MMORPG and social web games' distribution in Indonesia. Jakarta.

    Luxury fashion items second-hand online marketplace. Singapore.

    Group-buying platform benefiting school fundraising efforts. San Francisco.

    Platform for buying and selling digital currencies. San Francisco.


    Operates BaBe, Indonesia's leading news aggregator. Jakarta.
    [Acquired by Bytedance in 2018.]

    South-East Asia's leading online real estate portal. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Jakarta.

    [Exited by secondary in 2015.]

    3D virtual world platform technology. Beijing.
    [Acquired by NASDAQ: YY in 2012.]

    Leading FPS mobile game and platform developer. Beijing and Berlin. [Closed.]

    Guided digital personal training. San Francisco. [Closed.]

  • The workplace assistant
    for safety and happiness.
    San Jose.

    The professional network for people with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illness. Virginia.

    Cash flow performance platform. San Francisco.

    Credit scoring re-invented. New York and Athens.

    Secure and track important files you share. Singapore.

    Cloud-defined residential Wi-Fi platform, with seamless home devices' integration. Palo Alto and Oslo.

    Using AI and big data to create solutions for the future of investing. San Francisco / Beijing.

    Turning Slack chat into team knowledge. San Francisco.

    Social pinboard and knowledge management for companies. Singapore.
    [Acquired by Google in 2016.]

    Leading DSP and behavioural targeting ad network in China. Beijing.

    [Exited by secondary in 2015.]

    China-based software development outsourcing firm. Beijing.
    [Acquired by Symbio in 2012.]

    A suite of fully-featured internal tools for Kubernetes clusters. Seattle. [Closed.]

    Enterprise contact center solutions for messaging apps. Beijing[Closed.]

    Assessment and training platform solutions for the BPO industry in the Philippines. Manila. [Closed.]

    Data inventory and mapping for ongoing privacy compliance. Redwood City. [Closed.]

  • Opportunistic seed fund, focused on consumer and frontier tech,

    founded and managed by
    Alexia Bonatsos.
    San Francisco.

    Participation in the Opportunity IV, YC W18, Future of Work I and Bitcoin & Payments I funds.
    San Francisco.